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Production of hygienic steam using electrodes.

The production of pressure-free, hygienic steam using electrodes can be used in almost any application. The process is used in electrode steam air humidifiers to humidify and regulate the ambient air for ideal, healthy room conditions. In the spa and wellness area, electrode steam air humidifiers can also produce up to 100% relative humidity.

HygroMatik electrode steam units are suitable for use with normal mains water, and always deliver the right solution when you need simple, reliable generation of air humidity, or steam. The principle is simple: Electrodes with electricity flowing through them heat up conductive water in a cylinder, until it becomes pressure-free, hygienic steam.

The high volume of material means the solid, full-surface HygroMatik electrodes are particularly long-lasting, and can handle mains water without any difficulty. The electrodes do not have to be replaced so frequently, which also keeps maintenance costs down.