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Production of hygienic steam using heaters.

The production of pressure-free, hygienic steam using heaters can be used in almost any application. The process is used in heater steam air humidifiers to humidify and regulate the ambient air for ideal, healthy room conditions. In the spa and wellness area, heater steam air humidifiers can also produce up to 100% relative humidity.

The principle is simple: Heaters heat the water in a steam cylinder as in an immersion heater, until it becomes pressure-free, hygienic steam. These steam cylinders with a resistance heater made from highly corrosion-resistant alloy are suitable for use with different qualities of water.

Whether you use mains water, partly softened or fully desalinated water - HygroMatik heater steam electrodes stand out with very high precision in regulation, and also guarantee practically uninterrupted, maintenance-free operation.