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We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.
We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.

HeaterCompact. Compact and efficient.

The HeaterCompact offers small, compact device dimensions in nine sizes of device, with steam output from 2-135 kg/h offering particularly attractive value for money. Steam output of more than 27 kg/h can be achieved by putting several units together.

Excellent access to components from three sides saves time in installation and maintenance. The units can operate using fully desalinated, softened or mains water. With fully desalinated water, steam production can run without any interruptions or blowdown for high control precision and practically no maintenance.

Steam is produced in a very efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way.

The units feature the VDE and GS test marks and conform to CE and EAC.

Product description

High safety.

The water is heated in an energy-efficient plastic cylinder using immersion type heaters. All heater units are equipped with mechanical overheat protection on the heater and a float switch with level control.

Simple maintenance and long service cycles.

When operated with softened water or tap water, the minerals in the water (e.g. limescale) separate out. SuperFlush, the integrated flushing system creates turbulence in the water during the blowdowns.

In this way the limescale particles are stirred up and can be pumped out by the powerful blow-down pump. The quantity of hardeners is markedly reduced and the maintenance cycles are considerably extended. Due to the low weight of the plastic cylinder, the maintenance is very easy to carry out as the cylinders can be cleaned and reused. Our competent team will precisely explain maintenance implementation for you to make it as simple as possible. Due to the VDE certified cylinder, wich can be disconnected from electricity with one plug, even instructed personal is able to do the cleaning safely. If the heater element steam humidifier is operated with fully demineralised water, there will be very few deposits and the maintenance requirement will be minimal.

Reusable<br/>plastic cylinder
plastic cylinder
Integrated cylinder rinse<br/>system SuperFlush
Integrated cylinder rinse
system SuperFlush
Robust<br/>blow-down pump
blow-down pump

Modern microprocessor controls.

Thanks to its highly developed microprocessor controls, the HygroMatik HeaterCompact offers quick control responses and high control accuracy of up to +/- 1%. The intelligent controls adjusts to match the particular application and water quality. The HeaterCompact can be controlled proportionately in the range 5% to 100% of the respective nominal output. This makes it particularly efficient even at very low power requirements.

Basic controls
Comfort controls
ComfortPlus controls
Features and optionsBasicComfortComfortPlus
Continuous or single-stage control DOTDOTDOT
Automatic system test DOTDOTDOT
5 signal lights for indicating operating dataDOTDOTDOT
2 floating output remote signalsDOTDOTDOT
Stand-by blow-down and stand-by heatingDOTDOTDOT
Integrated communication protocol Modbus RTUDOTDOTDOT
Integrated serial interface RS-232 / RS-485 (EIA-232 / EIA-485)DOTDOTDOT
Optional relay circuit board for output of 4 additional messagesDOTDOTDOT
Option for switching over to process humidifyingDOTDOTDOT
Integrated PI control - DOTDOT
4 line illuminated display - DOTDOT
4 function keys for easy operation and programming - DOTDOT
Rotary push-button encoder for simple operation and programming - - DOT
Timer function - - DOT

Expansion options.

  • Timer controlled stub flushing for frequent solenoid valve opening during the blow-down pump operation without steam production
  • HyCool, the integrated drain water tempering ensures that the maximum temperature of the drain water remains below 60°C
Production and manufacturing processes
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HeaterCompact specification
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HeaterCompact manual
Control (Basic, Comfort, ComfortPlus)

Functional principles

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Maintenance videos

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Blow-Down-Pump maintenance

3D models

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BIM HeaterCompact HC12-HC27
BIM HeaterCompact HC03-HC09
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Technical Data

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