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We humidify the air
for an optimal clima.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.
We humidify the air
for an optimal clima.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.

HeaterLine. Long-term power.

The HeaterLine series can offer your spa extremely robust units which can handle constant use.

The housing and cylinder are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The HeaterLine is available in 9 sizes with steam output from 6 - 45 kg/h. It can operate using fully desalinated, softened or mains water. As an integrate steam generator with integrated rinsing and limescale trap system SuperFlush, these units stand out with their very low maintenance requirement. When used with fully desalinated water, practically no maintenance is needed, and control precision level is +/- 1%.

The devices are very safe, environmentally-friendly, efficient, hygienic, and specially designed to promote health and well-being.

The units feature the VDE and GS test marks and conform to CE, CSA and EAC.

Product description

Your safety is our priority.

1 to 5 high quality heaters in the stainless steel cylinder heat the water using immersion type heaters. In conjunction with the level control's float switch, the heaters' mechanical overheat protection provides double low liquid level protection.

The HeaterLine produces mineral-free, hygienic steam for your well-being and health.

Simple maintenance and long service cycles.

When operated with softened water or tap water, the minerals in the water (e.g. limescale) separate. SuperFlush the integrated flushing system, creates turbulence in the water during the partial blowdowns. In this way the limescale particles are stirred up and can be pumped out by the powerful blow-down pump. The quantity of hardeners which can collect in the coarse strainer is clearly reduced while the maintenance cycles are considerably extended.

The remaining hardeners collect in the durable removable coarse strainer and can be removed during maintenance. During the maintenance, plug connectors, a cylinder clamping ring and steam hose adapter enable a simple and quick approach. The removable unit cowling permits access from three sides. Our competent team will precisely explain maintenance implementation for you to make it as simple as possible.

If the heater type steam generator is operated with fully demineralised water, there are very few deposits and the maintenance requirement is minimal.

High-grade stainless<br/>steel cylinder
High-grade stainless
steel cylinder
Rinsing and scale collecting<br/>system SuperFlush
Rinsing and scale collecting
system SuperFlush
Robust<br/>blow-down pump
blow-down pump

Modern microprocessor controls.

HygroMatik steam generators are controlled using advanced microprocessors. The powerful 16 bit processors ensure optimum energy use and low maintenance operation by constantly adjusting settings to match the available water quality. The controls can process all common control signals and are very easy to use. Numerous extras such as modular expandability, remote control and additional connection options offer flexible solutions for all steam bath applications. We will be happy to help you by providing detailed instructions that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements on the operation of each unit.

Comfort DS
Controls Comfort DS
ComfortPlus DS
Controls ComfortPlus DS
Features and optionsComfort DSComfortPlus DS
Automatic system test DOTDOT
Uniform steam production and constant steam bath temperatureDOTDOT
Programmable power retentionDOTDOT
Continuous or single-stage control DOTDOT
Optional relay board for simultaneous connection and control of fragrance pump, steam bath fan and lightDOTDOT
4 line illuminated displayDOTDOT
4 function keys for easy operation and parameter settingDOTDOT
5 LEDs to display operating messagesDOTDOT
Maximum temperature monitoring with safety switch-offDOTDOT
Integrated communication protocol Modbus RTUDOTDOT
Integrated serial interface RS-232 / RS-485 (EIA-232 / EIA-485)DOTDOT
Rotary push-button encoder for simple operation and programming - DOT
Timer function - DOT

Expansion options.

  • Timer controlled stub flushing for frequent solenoid valve opening during the blow-down pump operation without steam production
  • HyCool, the integrated drain water tempering ensures that the maximum temperature of the drain water remains below 60°C
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Functional principles

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Maintenance videos

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BIM HeaterLine HL06-HL27
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Technical Data

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