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MiniSteam E: The smart solution for direct humidification

All-round well thought out and in excellent quality that guarantees a long service life: The new MiniSteam E from HygroMatik is the safe and smart solution when it comes to direct room humidification. The integrated, smooth-running ventilation unit distributes the hygienic steam so evenly throughout the room that the conditions for effective humidification are met even without air conditioning. The MiniSteam E is particularly suitable for use in the climate and process humidification of small and medium-sized offices as well as production and storage rooms.


The housing pan of the MiniSteam E is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel - just like the large electrodes, which can also be replaced without tools. With its proven control technology, the MiniSteam E can process all common signals and adapts automatically to the given water quality. The practical LED display ensures a high level of operating convenience. The MiniSteam E can be equipped with numerous additional options to meet the most diverse spatial requirements and project requirements.


All MiniSteam E units are CSA C/US compliant.


For more information on the new MiniSteam E, please click here.

Change of ownership at HygroMatik

Carel Industries S.p.A. is the new owner of the HygroMatik GmbH effective since December 1st, 2018


Carel Industries, together with its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of advanced, energy-efficient control solutions and components for air conditioning and Cefrigeration units and systems and isothermal / adiabatic humidifier Carel designs, manufactures and sells hardware, software and algorithmic solutions designed to enhance the performance and maximize energy efficiency of the units into which they are installed.


Carel operates through 21 subsidiaries and 7 manufacturing facilities located in various countries. At 31 December 2017, Carel’s total consolidated revenues were equal to EUR 255 million, of which 80% were generated outside of Italy, and 51% outside of Western Europe.


Carel is currently listed on the Milan Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately EUR 930 million.

HygroMatik has been recognized for years as a trustworthy company that builds and maintains successful and long-term relationships with distribution partners and customers thanks to its high quality standards and excellent service.


Against this background, all distribution partnerships, trade agreements and relationships are critical assets and success factors in which HygroMatik will continue to invest.


As Carel Industries is a primary industry partner in the international air conditioning / refrigeration / ventilation industry, this acquisition also represents a growth opportunity for all HygroMatik business partners by opening up technological synergies in humidification systems and creating new service opportunities in the IoT (Internet of Things) context.


Your accustomed and acquainted referents will continuously be available for you.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us – Your HygroMatik-Team.


Actuator - optimised for HygroMatik steam air humidifiers.

Actuator - optimised for HygroMatik steam air humidifiers.

Saves space and energy

Actuator with key function: The actuator is a central base element in the HygroMatik pressurized steam humidifier (DDS). It controls the regulating valve and so controls the volume of steam fed in.

The new actuator for HygroMatik pressurized steam humidifiers has an extremely convincing output, and a very special design: The compact, light, space-saving device facilitates fast, simple fitting of the actuator is a tight installation space. Another benefit: The new actuator is relatively undemanding in terms of energy consumption, and its 24 V AC/DC low voltage also makes it safer during installation and maintenance.

Another great example of the way HygroMatik works to continually improve quality, right down to the smallest detail.