We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.

FlexLine steam humidifiers.
High flexibility in award-winning quality.

With the FlexLine, HygroMatik provides a modern generation of steam humidifiers which consists of a basic model that can be expanded to create an individual humidification solution suitable for all requirements. In order to make this flexibility available to our customers quickly, we have developed a modular system. This was awarded in three categories and the FlexLine received the Plus X Award.


Flexibility pays dividends.

All advantages at a glance.

  • A series of units for all applications and performance categories
  • Ease of installation by means of individual pre-configuration ex factory
  • Expansion of options for retrofitting
  • You only invest in the functions you really need
  • Easy operation
  • Highest quality and energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly incorporating reusable components
air humidification system indoor climateair humidification electrodes air humidification system
Product description

Custom made for every area of application.

The FlexLine basic model is the basis for all other configuration options. Through its individual extension capability, FlexLine is able to adapt to the requirements of differing areas of application:


  • Optimization of the indoor climate in industrial, commercial, cultural and leisure facilities
  • Control and stabilization of air humidity for industry and processes
air humidification in shopping mall in shopping center
air humidification in conference rooms and meeting rooms
air humidification automotive industry

Optimum humidifying using the best methods.

FlexLine is available as an electrode as well as a heater element humidifier – depending on your water quality.

air humidification with electrodes

Replaceable stainless steel large area electrodes for different conductivities.

air humidification heating element

Resistor type heater elements in highly corrosion resistant alloy.

Always the correct humidification performance.

Equip HygroMatik FlexLine with the power you need for optimum humidification. 16 performance classes with steam output from 10 lbs/hr up to 300 lbs/hr selectable in 6 unit sizes. An additional performance limitation can easily be programmed.

Manifold options for a humidification solution that fits perfectly.

Due to differing spatial conditions every project places unique requirements on the humidification solution. The FlexLine can be equipped with a wide range of options to optimally meet your project requirements. In addition, various protection and security functions can be installed and activated, e.g.

  • HyFlush (cylinder flushing device)
  • HyCool (integrated waste water cooling)
  • Stub line flushing

This means that your system is optimally protected around the clock and you have less maintenance work. If needed, all options can be retrofitted. We are always pleased to provide advice.

Excellent ease of operation.

All HygroMatik FlexLine units are equipped with a capacitive 3.5“ touch screen whereby operation and programming is selected via a flat and intuitive menu structure analogous to modern smartphone logic. In addition to this, subsequent software updates are quickly and easily possible via USB stick.

  • At a glance comprehensible pictographs provide information on the operating condition
  • Simple and fast navigation
  • Information and system messages displayed as plain text
  • Readout of service messages with date and time
  • Integrated real-time clock
air humidification control

Smart control – powerful and quick response.

The improved control and regulation technology of FlexLine units provides extensive possibilities which are simple and easy to operate.


  • Numerous control and reporting functions can be assigned to up to 11 relays depending on the unit
  • Freely programmable with overload protected digital input

» Load shedding: power limitation in the event of network overload or emergency power operation
» Blow-down on external request for specific operating conditions
» Stand-by mode: pre-heating by remote activation for a quick response time

  • Integrated communication protocol, Modbus RTU or BAcnet

Optimized unit performance for an efficient utilization.

As with all our products, the HygroMatik FlexLine has been developed for an expecially long life span. The units feature technologies that not only reduce the amount of maintenance required but also the wear of components. FlexLine offers the highest degree of efficiency where energy and resources are concerned.

electrode for steam humidifiers direct room humidification
  • Adjustable power limitation from  25 % - 100 %
  • Adjustable load shedding to temporarily adapt operation to the respective load conditions
  • Long-term continuous operation: A robust base material provides our reusable cylinders with high temperature resistance and dimensional stability
  • The split cylinder is easy to open and can be cleaned without using chemicals
  • Extremely durable: All FlexLine cabinets are manufactured in corrosion-resistant stainless steel; the powder coating of the housing increases the lifespan and offers optimum work safety
air humidification pump
  • Robust blow-down pump for removing scale deposits to ensure long operating life cycles and minimal maintenance
  • Highest safety standard for electrode steam humidifiers due to integrated mechanical circuit breaker and mechanical safety temperature limiter for heater type steam humidifiers
  • Heater type steam humidifier with capacitive proportional water level sensor without wearing parts

Comprehensive service functions.

We have equipped the HygroMatik FlexLine with intelligent service functions for operational safety. These provide a new level of safety, reliability, control and comfort.

  • Diagnosis mode can be actuated directly via the touch screen without having to start the unit
  • Service messages are easy to select: Service intervals are calculated and issued based on the quantity of steam produced by the unit
  • Smart controlled status messages avoid damage and expensive service operations
  • Detailed messages enable errors to be identified sooner and rectified
Production and manufacturing processes
Public buildings and offices
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Heater Type Steam Humidification


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Functional principles

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FlexLine principle

Maintenance videos

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FlexLine Electrode Maintenance
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Technical Data

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FlexLine Heaters
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FlexLine Electrodes
Technical Data

Archive manuals

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HVAC Control Instruction Manual (B-C-CP)

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