We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.
We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.

LPS and HPS. Efficient humidification and cooling.

Our adiabatic humidification systems LPS and HPS have been developed for efficient use in comfort humidification. They provide for example in office complexes, hotels, shopping centres or clean rooms for the optimum relative humidity of the room air (comfort zone 40-60%) and are therefore an important element in company hygiene concepts and in the development of health-promoting measures.


Also in process humidification, e.g. in production plants, in painting facilities or in the automotive and in the aviation industry, they reliably control the air humidity for optimum and stable production conditions.


In addition, the evaporation of the fine mist cools the flow air in the duct and thus ensures noticeable cooling of the room air. In the case of exhaust air cooling in summer, this can save up to ⅓ of the needed cooling capacity in order to achieve pleasant room temperatures for employees and customers. Also in production plants the primary cooling load can be significantly reduced by reducing process waste heat.


The modular design of our LPS and HPS humidification systems enables installation or retrofitting in almost any air-conditioning duct. With a total of 5 performance classes, they can be perfectly matched to your humidification requirements. Up to a humidification capacity of 110 l/h, the LPS offers a compact humidification system that can be operated in a low pressure range from 5 to 15 bar (Low Pressure System). The more powerful HPS works in the high pressure range with a pressure of 25 to 75 bar (High Pressure System) and enables a humidification performance of up to 600 l/h.

Product description



The adiabatic low and high pressure nozzle systems LPS and HPS from HygroMatik humidify the air in air conditioning and ventilation systems with fully demineralised water. The low and high pressure atomisation enables an optimum spray pattern with minimum energy consumption. The LPS and the HPS fulfil the hygiene requirements and are certified by TÜV according to VDI 6022.


High-precision stainless steel nozzles generate optimal aerosols, which are particularly quickly absorbed to
the air in the humidification chamber. With their different spray angles, individual arrangement and optimum
aerosol sizes, they ensure almost dry walls in the humidification chamber.

In addition, the Vortex wall made of specially developed VortexModules mixes the duct air with the aerosols over the shortest humidification distance. Due to the fast and efficient absorption there is almost no water loss – this saves additionally. The high-quality stainless steel aerosol separators from HygroMatik guarantee an aerosol-free supply air.

hygromatik air humidification shortest humidification distance.


The high-quality system control offers precise, proportional humidification control. Through the constant monitoring of all system components and functions highest operational safety is guaranteed. The forwarding of operating and collective fault messages to your building control system is a matter of course and enables short reaction times in the event of a fault.

Clear LED display with operating buttons (LPS)

hygromatik air humidification hps display.

Capacitive 3,5“ touch colour display (HPS)


Our hygiene concept deliberately dispenses with biocides and chemical disinfectants. Only the used fully demineralised water without additives is released into the air we breathe. The systems do not contain any porous or water-storing
components. Standing water is effectively prevented, and when the system is at a standstill it is automatically drained and rinsed in regular VDI 6022-1 compliant cycles.

In the HygroMatik LPS and HPS, only inert materials come into contact with the humidifying water. With their material properties, these ensure hygienically harmless and perfect humidification – the basic requirement in air conditioning technology.


The adiabatic systems from HygroMatik offer high humidification performance with low energy demand. Due to their high degree of efficiency and exact controllability, the systems allow a particularly efficient use of the resources used.


Humidification with demineralised water (residual conductivity 5-50 μS/cm) eliminates lime precipitation and ensures minimum maintenance requirements.

This ensures a quick amortisation of the investment costs and, through the use of high-quality components, a long service life.


LPS and HPS comply with the German standards VDI 6022-1 and VDI 3803-1 as well as the comparable Austrian and Swiss standards.

A recognised independent testing institute has examined and confirmed conformity with the guidelines and the current state of the art (TÜV certificate numbers: SEIT/1068/18-B for LPS,
SEIT/1068/18-A for HPS).

hygromatik certified air humidification
hygromatik air humidification chracteristics of lps and hps.

COMPONENTS in the duct

The following components are installed directly in the duct system.

A. VortexModule wall
A1. VortexModule
A2. Nozzle


B. Window with darkening according to VDI 6022-1
C. Aerosol separator 2-stage
D. Humidification chamber with service door and water tray
E. Water drainage (with siphon)

1.    Operation
2.    Water supply

3.    Water distributor
4.    Pump


The technical data can also be found in our download area as a PDF.

air humidification technical data lps
Production and manufacturing processes
Public buildings and offices
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Brochure adiabatic systems LPS and HPS
adiabatic low and high pressure nozzle systems


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HPS specification
Adiabatic High Pressure Nozzle Systems
LPS specification
Adiabatic Low Pressure Nozzle Systems


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LPS manual

Functional principles

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HPS principle
LPS principle

Maintenance videos

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HPS maintenance
LPS maintenance

Technical Data

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Dimensions LPS
Dimensions LPS
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