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We are committed to responsibility and sustainability.


Being socially and ethically responsible is a core priority of our corporate behaviour at HygroMatik. As a company, we assume responsibility for our employees, products and our environment. Together with our team of experts, we guarantee our clients a reliable and conscientious delivery of missions and projects. HygroMatik also invests in talent and personal development as we believe in constant improvement and learning.


We ensure that our corporate and personal relationships are handled respectfully and without discrimination or intimidation. It is the foundation of our business.
At HygroMatik, respect also means that we care about our impact on the environment. We treat natural resources as efficiently and as gently as possible.


Quality is our passion and is at the heart of what we do.
As a trusted manufacturer, supplier and installer we always deliver on our promise of high quality products and services. Whether your project involves technical, economical or environmental considerations, our pledge to our customers is to always offer the best solution for their specific needs and requirements.
At HygroMatik we don’t see challenges, we see opportunities.


We believe that openness, sincerity and transparency are the fundamental basis for a long-lasting business relationship.
At HygroMatik our actions are guided by our core values: we say what we mean and we mean what we say. This is how we develop trust and consistency, the prerequisites for a true partnership.


Our company’s long-term success is dependent on performance. In the context of delivering a consistent and outstanding service, our employees are imperative. This is why we continuously invest in the development of our team, via training and in the provision of a safe working environment.


At HygroMatik, we understand that our future success depends on the delivery of sustainable product. Sustainability is the underlying driver for our business and underpins the decisions and methods we adopt. Supporting our sustainability programme is our commitment to quality.

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