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We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.
We humidify the air
for an optimal climate.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air for your well-being.

MiniSteam. Directly environmentally-friendly.

The HygroMatik MiniSteam with steam output of 4.8 to 10 kg/h and very space-saving size is ideal for humidification of small and medium-sized offices, as well as production and storage areas.

As an electrode steam air humidifier, the MiniSteam produces hygienic steam using mains water, making it very environmentally-friendly and efficient.

The units feature the VDE and GS test marks and conform to CE, CSA C/US and EAC.

Product description

Direct room humidifying.

The MiniSteam is a steam humidifier for direct room humidifying operating with normal drinking water to produce pure, mineral-free steam. Its integral, quiet-running fan unit distributes hygienic steam consistently throughout the room.

Minimum maintenance and long operating time.

With the MiniSteam, just as with our other units, the proven high quality components used, guarantee long operating times and a long service life.

The large surface and exchangeable electrodes are formed from a durable and a high quality stainless steel and will start working very quickly. Their special quick-fit fastening system enables fast electrode change - without any need for tools.

Additionally, the sturdy blow-down pump allows hardeners to be transported directly into the drain and the small particles can also be pumped out. This process allows maintenance cycles to be significantly extended.

Maintenance can easily be carried out. The corrosion resistant cabinet from stainless steel is easily accessible thanks to the removable unit cowling. The cowling can be closed, which prevents unauthorized access. Cylinder cleaning takes minutes without the need for chemicals. Simply open, clean and carry on using. Plug-in hose connections, steam hose adapter and manually operated water drainage will save time, money and the environment.

Replaceable large area<br/>stainless steel electrodes
Replaceable large area
stainless steel electrodes
Re-usable<br/>steam cylinder
steam cylinder
Robust<br/>blow-down pump
blow-down pump

Modern microprocessor controls.

The HygroMatik MiniSteam processes all standard control signals and automatically adapts to the available water quality. The Basic and Comfort controls are available for use with the MiniSteam:

Basic controls
Comfort controls
Features and optionsBasicComfort
Continuous or single-stage control DOTDOT
Automatic system test DOTDOT
5 signal lights for indicating operating dataDOTDOT
2 floating output remote signalsDOTDOT
Stand-by blow-down and stand-by heatingDOTDOT
Integrated interface RS 485DOTDOT
Optional relay circuit board for output of 4 additional messagesDOTDOT
Option for switching over to process humidifyingDOTDOT
Integrated PI controlDOTDOT
4 line illuminated display - DOT
4 function keys for easy operation and programming - DOT

Expansion options.

  • SuperFlush, the innovative cylinder flush device considerably extends cylinder operating times
  • Timer controlled stub flushing for frequent solenoid valve opening during the blow-down pump operation without steam production
  • The CylinderStar can be used in highly conductive water to extend the service life of the electrodes
  • HyCool, the integrated drain water tempering ensures that the maximum temperature of the drain water remains below 60°C
  • Different electrode shapes and materials available for optimal operation under extreme water parameters
Star cylinder insert
Star cylinder insert
Production and manufacturing processes
Public buildings and offices
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