HeaterSlim. Innovative and smart.

The heater steam generator HeaterSlim has an appropriate design, is slim in size and comes with output of 3.3, 6.6 or 10 kg/h, making it particularly suitable for private and suite spas.

Excellent access to components saves time in installation and maintenance.

The units can operate using fully desalinated, softened or mains water. Where fully desalinated water is used, the unit is practically maintenance free. The devices are environmentally-friendly, efficient, hygienic, safe and specially designed to promote health and well-being.

Operation via an innovative remote control makes it really easy to set temperature, scent and light. They can be used outside and inside the steam room.

The units feature the VDE and GS test marks and conform to CE and EAC.

Product description

Your safety is our priority.

The water is heated in the energy-efficient insulated stainless steel cylinder using an immersion-type heater. The HeaterSlim guarantees absolute process safety by level measurement using sensor electrodes. The mechanical overheating protection of the heater and electrical level control provide highest possible safety in operation. The cabinet can be locked and thus protected against unauthorised access.

Hygienically perfect.

The HeaterSlim produces mineral-free, hygienic steam for your well-being and health.

Flexible connections and performance.

The HeaterSlim can be flexibly deployed using the unit's 230 V or 400 V connections. Thanks to easily removable heater elements HeaterSlim offers you three performance classes in one device size.

Simple maintenance - Reusable cylinder.

The HeaterSlim can be installed in confined corners and still offers ideal component access. For maintenance purposes the cylinder can be easily reomoved without special tools. Also the heater elements can be simply taken out and cleaned. If the heater element steam generator is operated with fully demineralised water, there will be almost no deposits and the maintenance requirement is minimal.

Touch operation.

The innovative touch control comes with outstanding display quality and offers intuitive operation thanks to self-explanatory icons. Dimming the light as well as control of up to three possible essence pumps, or using the eco-mode can be done wireless, even inside the cabinet. All HeaterSlim devices can be upgraded with the external remote control. The docking station can be easily wall-mounted as well as be placed on a table.

HeaterSlim is available in three versions.

  • Touch Remote - with an external remote control and docking station, also suitable for wall installation
  • Touch - with an user interface integrated in the device
  • Basic - with closed cover, no touch operation
HeaterSlim Remote
HeaterSlim TouchRemote
Features and optionsBasicTouch
Quick start and short warm-up timeDOTDOT
Connection and control of e.g. essence pump and light along with supply and exhaust fansDOTDOT
Easy retrofit to Touch and Touch RemoteDOTDOT
Uniform steam production and constant steam bath temperatureDOTDOT
One step temperature controlDOTDOT
Illuminated control switch DOTDOT
Maximum temperature monitoring with safety switch-offDOTDOT
Intuitive guided menu - DOT
Eco-mode for energy-efficient steam bath use - DOT
Timer function for steam, essence and Eco-mode - DOT
3.5" TFT colour graphics display with touch panel - DOT
Six quick-access buttons for easy operation and configuration - DOT

Optionale Erweiterung von Basic und Touch.

  • Externe Touch-Bedienung (Touch Remote) mit Ladeschale zur Wandmontage oder Tischaufstellung
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