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Inhouse Farming - Feed & Food Show Hanover

Inhouse Farming - Feed & Food Show Hanover

There are big questions to solve.
Like how to feed the growing population in 2050.

The international trade show Agritechnica is addressing this herculean task by dedicating part of the show to inhouse farming.

Visit us at the Inhouse Farming – Feed & Food Show in Hanover, hall 24 – C31, November 12–18, 2023



HygroMatik will present alongside Klingenburg its humidification solutions to help solve the herculean task in pioneering new ways of farm & food. Especially in Vertical and Insect Farming as well as High Value Crops humidification is crucial in order to secure a controlled and reproducible inhouse environment.

Visit us at the show! We are looking forward to learn about your specific humidification demand.

HygroMatik invites to Aquanale 2023

HygroMatik invites to Aquanale 2023

We would like to invite you to Aquanale 2023 at our Hydrothermal Spa Forum joint stand.
The international trade fair for Sauna.Pool.Ambiente will take place in Cologne from 24 - 27 October.
HygroMatik will be present together with the Hydrothermal Spa Forum partners

- LuxElements, hard foam
- SnowBox, snow cabins
- Sommerhuber Spa, ceramics
- Unbescheiden, hydrotherapy

on the WDT (wellness technology) stand in hall 7, stand E021 - D028.
In addition to the Hydrothermal Spa Forum joint exhibit, we are pleased to present our electrode and heater type steam generators as well as water treatment systems for the spa and wellness area. Tell us about your application needs and projects - we look forward to working with you to find the right steam solution to meet your needs.
We look forward to seeing you!

Fair: Aquanale
Place: Cologne
Hall: 7
Booth: E021 - D028
Date: 24 - 27 October 2023

Trade fair: ISH 2023

Trade fair: ISH 2023

The awareness of a pleasant, healthy and performance-enhancing indoor climate has increased greatly in recent years.

The ISH has taken on board the need for information on the subject of healthy indoor air and will inform the trade public from

13 – 17 March 2023 about all aspects of ventilation and air quality.

An important influencing factor for optimal indoor air quality is the air humidity. The recommended relative humidity should be between 40 and 60 %, depending on the room temperature. At the upcoming ISH, we inform you about the health and economic benefits of proper indoor humidification.

HygroMatik cordially invites you to visit us at the ISH in Frankfurt am Main, in Hall 08 at the CAREL stand A61, to learn more about the advantages, technologies and solutions of an air humidification system for optimising healthy indoor air. Regardless of whether you are planning new ventilation measures, upgrading or simply want to find out why and how you can optimise indoor air quality with an air humidification system: We are your contact when it comes to a solution that is both needs-based and energy-efficient, taking into account the new hygiene and safety requirements.

By the way, we are also happy to tell you why HygroMatik is a good choice if you want to keep an eye on the current eco-design guidelines. Since 53 years, we have paid attention to the origin, reusability and durability of our components. These features combine our high quality standard with the claim to protect the environment in the best possible way.

Secure your ISH 2023 ticket code via e-mail to ticket@hygromatik.de and/or arrange an individual consultation appointment directly with a HygroMatik employee at the trade fair at termin@hygromatik.de.

We look forward to your visit!

Your HygroMatik team

Change in the management of HygroMatik

Change in the management of HygroMatik

The role of operational managing director has passed from Mr Dirc Menssing to Mr Rolf Oberhaus with effect from 30 January 2023.

Mr Oberhaus, currently also Managing Director of Klingenburg GmbH, will in future manage both companies with the aim of developing the best possible synergies within the technical, sales and production structures of the group.

In order to bundle the strengths of the companies associated in the CAREL Group in the field of air humidification, the CAREL Humidification Division was already founded in 2021 under the leadership of Mr Michele Martello. Mr Oberhaus will therefore also lead the further integration of the group companies HygroMatik and Klingenburg into this division.

Mr Oberhaus will contribute his passion and enthusiasm, together with his considerable managerial expertise in order to strengthen our business partnership in the long term and to jointly develop new growth potential for your business development.

Your familiar HygroMatik contact persons will of course continue to be available to you as usual.

Use of softening systems with HygroMatik heater type steam humidifiers

Use of softening systems with HygroMatik heater type steam humidifiers


Drinking water contains minerals in more or less high concentrations, which usually precipitate when heated. In order to keep the cleaning effort of the steam humidifier as low as possible, there are two possibilities for water treatment:

  • Operation with deionised water from a reverse osmosis system with approx. 3..20 μS/cm residual conductivity (full desalination)

Result: almost no minerals are deposited here, as about 99% of them are removed from the water, the humidifiers are operated with extremely low maintenance

  • Operation on soft water from a softening plant with a residual hardness of 0 °e (full softening)

Result: Minerals can be deposited here, but these are usually not hardness formers, so that although salt deposits occur more frequently, they can be rinsed out via an increased blowdown rate before they are deposited as incrustations of the heating elements or on the cylinder base and walls.


In a health centre HygroMatik test units StandardLine Heater have been running since 2015: here, we were essentially concerned with experiences with new heaters, which have since been incorporated into series production. At the same time, a test operation was set up here on a single softening system to determine experiences with the effect on the service life of heater type humidifiers and the extension of the maintenance cycles during operation on soft water with positive results.

The two pictures of the opened cylinder of the StandardLine Heater field tester and the 3 heating elements after about 2 tons of steam produced at about 2/3 Ø load look almost unused:

  • The Incoloy heater elements show no deposits
  • The lower part of the cylinder is very clean and shows only minimal deposits

These experiences from 2016 have since been confirmed during the regular inspections.

The water quality in the health centre is in the "hard water" range, with a total hardness of 18,8 °e, a carbonate hardness of about 26,3 °e and a conductivity of about 850 μS/cm. The minerals present in the water precipitate during evaporation and usually collect on the hot surfaces or sink to the bottom. On average, about 400 to 800 mg/l dry residues can be expected in "hard" water, which would correspond to about 0.4 to 0.8 kg of deposits in the cylinder per ton of unpressurised steam produced, depending on the set blowdown.


In our estimation, softening can often significantly reduce maintenance costs compared to operation with drinking water, and at the same time the investments are usually significantly lower than those for a reverse osmosis system including softening. If required, we would be pleased to support you in the selection of a technical-economical solution for optimised operation of steam humidifiers.


New! HyTherm from HygroMatik

New! HyTherm from HygroMatik

Energy Saving - Insulating - Protective

The thermo collar for all stainless steel cylinders of the FlexLine Plus/Process heater type steam humidifiers.

To keep the heat radiation of the stainless steel steam cylinders as low as possible, the thermo collar provides additional insulation. Benefit from saved heat radiation, a delayed cooling process and comfortable protection against contact.

Learn more about HyTherm.

FlexLine options - protection and safety at its best!

FlexLine options - protection and safety at its best!

If the two protection and safety functions HyFlush (cylinder flushing device) and HyCool (integrated waste water cooling) are installed and activated in your FlexLine unit, the cylinder, the supply lines and the waste water pipes are optimally protected around the clock. You save time and money due to extended operating times and less maintenance, and also achieve maximum hygiene through effective and regular cleaning.

In addition, also stub line flushing is possible, which prevents contamination of the supply line by standing water during longer idle periods.

Learn more about the FlexLine options here.

HygroMatik SteamKits - New sizes, more choice!

HygroMatik SteamKits - New sizes, more choice!

Manufacturers of climate control cabinets, ovens and cleanroom workbenches have relied on the proven quality of our steam humidifier installation kits for years.
Now the HygroMatik SteamKits are available in more sizes.
Depending on the required steam output and available water quality, choose between:

  • SteamKit electrode with steam capacities from 2 - 65 kg/h
  • SteamKit heater with steam capacities of 2 - 50 kg/h  

Learn more about the high-quality, ready-to-connect components and the well thought-out technology of the HygroMatik SteamKits.

Digital Spa Showroom
Humidification and Cooling!

Humidification and Cooling!

See for yourself, the operating principle video of the atomising humidifier from HygroMatik.
The adiabatic high pressure system (HPS) is highly efficient with an absorption distance below 0,9 m.
Your benefit: Cooling in Summer + Humidifying in Winter.
Furthermore, the HPS is hygienic, certified, space saving and reliable.
Have a look and decide for yourself!

New: Digital HygroMatik trade fair stand

New: Digital HygroMatik trade fair stand

At our new digital HygroMatik trade fair stand, we will provide you with information on the subject of HEALTHY INDOOR AIR and present a selection of our product range for the generation of optimum indoor air humidity in many areas of application.
The indoor climate not only influences our well-being but also our health and performance. Healthy and hygienic indoor air is an important issue for many people, especially in times of pandemics. By ensuring an indoor air humidity of between 40 and 60% all year round, many negative phenomena caused by excessively dry air can be counteracted.
Visit our digital exhibition stand at https://showroom.hygromatik.com/tour/en/index.htm

Study by RWTH Aachen University

Study by RWTH Aachen University

At the Chair of Building and Indoor Climate Technology, E.ON Energy Research Centre, RWTH Aachen University, a comprehensive study in German was published at the end of February 2021 on the topic of "The influence of air humidity on people and their health": https://publications.rwth-aachen.de/record/811532/files/811532.pdf
In summary, the study is about determining the optimum air humidity for humans in closed rooms.

LPS and HPS: The new generation of atomising humidifiers

LPS and HPS: The new generation of atomising humidifiers

Adiabatic comfort and process humidification and cooling

Our optimised adiabatic nozzle systems LPS and HPS humidify the air in air conditioning and ventilation systems hygienically and energy-efficiently. They thus ensure both the optimum relative humidity of the room air (comfort zone 40-60%) in e.g. offices, shopping centres and clean rooms as well as stable manufacturing conditions in production facilities. In addition, the evaporation of the fine mist cools the flowing air in the duct and can thus be used cost-effectively as exhaust air cooling in summer or to reduce process waste heat. High-precision stainless steel nozzles produce the finest aerosols, which are mixed with the duct air on the shortest humidification distance with the help of specially developed VortexModules. Due to the fast and efficient absorption, there is virtually no water loss. A stainless steel aerosol separator installed after humidification ensures aerosol-free supply air.
The modular design of the LPS and HPS humidification systems allows installation or retrofitting in almost any air-conditioning duct. With a total of 5 performance classes, they can be perfectly matched to any humidification need. LPS and HPS meet the hygiene requirements and are certified by TÜV according to VDI 6022.

For more information on our low and high pressure nozzle systems, please click here.

CAREL employee becomes a member of the HygroMatik team

CAREL employee becomes a member of the HygroMatik team

We welcome Mr Felix Kreß from CAREL Germany to the HygroMatik sales team.

Since January, he has enriched our team with his extensive knowledge of

CAREL products and years of experience in the sale of air humidification systems.

This enables us to offer our customers both the usual high-quality HygroMatik

products and now also products from the CAREL portfolio, depending on the

project requirements.

We are looking forward to a good and successful cooperation.

HygroMatik's new ventilation units VU

HygroMatik's new ventilation units VU

for direct room air humidification

Our new ventilation units not only offer a simple and modern design but also feature a particularly smooth running and powerful cross-flow blower for optimum and homogeneous distribution of the humidified air in the room.

From our new VU Flyer you can find all information about the 10 and 30 kg ventilation units. 

HygroMatik's new pressure steam systems

HygroMatik's new pressure steam systems

for stable processes in industry

The compact HygroMatik pressure steam systems DDS are connected to an existing steam network and thus make the pressure steam energy-efficiently usable for air humidification.

The DDS humidify with condensate-free saturated steam and offer the shortest humidification distances for space-saving installation - 90° angled mounting is also possible.

Depending on the project requirements, you can choose between variant A made of 100% stainless steel or variant C made of cast stainless steel. We will then take care of the individual assembly and packaging for you.

Learn more about the high-quality components, performance and accessories of the new HygroMatik DDS steam pressure systems.

SteamKit installation kits for a constant air humidity
air humidifications systems installation kits

SteamKit installation kits for a constant air humidity

Integrate the new HygroMatik SteamKits individually.

HygroMatik SteamKits are now available to offer our customers a quick and uncomplicated solution for the individual equipment of their systems. The kits can be easily integrated into the systems and are available as electrode and heater types.

In addition to the required steam output, the available water quality is decisive for the selection of the suitable variant. Kit E (electrode version) for steam outputs from 2 to 20 kg/h can be operated with normal tap water. The heater type (Kit H) with steam outputs of 2 to 15 kg/h, on the other hand, has the advantage that it is virtually maintenance-free when using fully demineralised water. The HygroMatik SteamKits convince all along the line through simple installation with high-quality, ready-to-connect components and carefully thought-out technology that guarantees a long service life.

To the product >>

MiniSteam E: The smart solution for direct humidification
air humidification direct room humidification

MiniSteam E: The smart solution for direct humidification

All-round well thought out and in excellent quality that guarantees a long service life: The new MiniSteam E from HygroMatik is the safe and smart solution when it comes to direct room humidification. The integrated, smooth-running ventilation unit distributes the hygienic steam so evenly throughout the room that the conditions for effective humidification are met even without air conditioning. The MiniSteam E is particularly suitable for use in the climate and process humidification of small and medium-sized offices as well as production and storage rooms.

The housing pan of the MiniSteam E is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel - just like the large electrodes, which can also be replaced without tools. With its proven control technology, the MiniSteam E can process all common signals and adapts automatically to the given water quality. The practical LED display ensures a high level of operating convenience. The MiniSteam E can be equipped with numerous additional options to meet the most diverse spatial requirements and project requirements.

All MiniSteam E units have the VDE and GS test marks and are CE, CSA C/US and EAC compliant.

For more information on the new MiniSteam E, please click here.

Compact steam generator for narrow recesses

Compact steam generator for narrow recesses

The HeaterSlim has been fundamentally revised for you and is now even lighter and more compact in its dimensions. You get the handy solution, that fits into almost any niche, with a steam output of 6.6 or 10 kg/h.

As part of its environmentally friendly design, the HeaterSlim uses an insulated stainless steel cylinder to reduce heat loss. In addition, the cylinder is reusable and the heating elements can be easily removed and cleaned.

Convince yourself of all the advantages the HeaterSlim has in store for you.

Change of ownership at HygroMatik

Change of ownership at HygroMatik

Carel Industries S.p.A. is the new owner of the HygroMatik GmbH effective since December 1st, 2018.

Carel Industries, together with its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of advanced, energy-efficient control solutions and components for air conditioning and refrigeration units and systems and isothermal / adiabatic humidifier Carel designs, manufactures and sells hardware, software and algorithmic solutions designed to enhance the performance and maximise energy efficiency of the units into which they are installed.

Carel operates through 21 subsidiaries and 7 manufacturing facilities located in various countries. At 31 December 2017, Carel’s total consolidated revenues were equal to EUR 255 million, of which 80% were generated outside of Italy, and 51% outside of Western Europe.

Carel is currently listed on the Milan Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of approximately EUR 930 million.

HygroMatik has been recognised for years as a trustworthy company that builds and maintains successful and long-term relationships with distribution partners and customers thanks to its high quality standards and excellent service.

Against this background, all distribution partnerships, trade agreements and relationships are critical assets and success factors in which HygroMatik will continue to invest.

As Carel Industries is a primary industry partner in the international air conditioning / refrigeration / ventilation industry, this acquisition also represents a growth opportunity for all HygroMatik business partners by opening up technological synergies in humidification systems and creating new service opportunities in the IoT (Internet of Things) context.

Your accustomed and acquainted referents will continuously be available for you.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us – Your HygroMatik-Team

Simply Ingenious and Rewarded Several Times: FlexLine Is Product of the Year at the Plus X Award.

Simply Ingenious and Rewarded Several Times: FlexLine Is Product of the Year at the Plus X Award.

Simply Ingenious and Rewarded Several Times: FlexLine Is Product of the Year at the Plus X Award.

With the Plus X Award 2018, the new FlexLine from HygroMatik receives another very special seal of quality – in several categories even. For 15 years, renowned industry experts from publishing houses and companies have honoured outstanding products with this Award for their lead in quality and innovation. Now the new, innovative FlexLine series from HygroMatik has been awarded in three categories: high quality, ease of use and functionality. This means that FlexLine has won the most award categories of all participating products and was therefore also voted "Best Product of the Year 2018" by the Plus X Award jury. The entire FlexLine series was consistently developed as a modular system. Starting from a basic model, the units can be expanded with options suitable for the respective application and thus easily adapted to every requirement.

We are of course very pleased about this success, which once again proves that the concept of the FlexLine modular principle has been positively received in the market.

Actuator - optimised for HygroMatik steam air humidifiers.

Actuator - optimised for HygroMatik steam air humidifiers.

Saves space and energy
Actuator with key function: The actuator is a central base element in the HygroMatik pressurised steam humidifier (DDS). It controls the regulating valve and so controls the volume of steam fed in.

The new actuator for HygroMatik pressurised steam humidifiers has an extremely convincing output, and a very special design: The compact, light, space-saving device facilitates fast, simple fitting of the actuator is a tight installation space. Another benefit: The new actuator is relatively undemanding in terms of energy consumption, and its 24 V AC/DC low voltage also makes it safer during installation and maintenance.

Another great example of the way HygroMatik works to continually improve quality, right down to the smallest detail.

System separator type CA for direct connection to HygroMatik steam air humidifiers / steam generators.

System separator type CA for direct connection to HygroMatik steam air humidifiers / steam generators.

Protecting drinking water
According to DIN EN 1717, the drinking water network should be protected from contamination by water back-flow using appropriate system separators. For steam air humidifiers or steam generators which are connected to a waste water line using a free outlet (funnel), HygroMatik has brought a system separator type CA into the range, which is specially aligned with their products.

The new system separator type CA from HygroMatik means that installers and operators alike can be sure that this system separator meets all the requirements in the industry standard. This means you can guarantee optimum protection of drinking water, regardless of the pre-installation on-site!

The HygroMatik system separator type CA is available now, product code E-2604100.

New fixing nut for HygroMatik steam distributors.

New fixing nut for HygroMatik steam distributors.

An ideal connection
Optimising quality always means paying particular attention to detail. Small, targeted improvements can have a major effect. For example, in HygroMatik steam distributors - the fixing nut has changed from a welded nut to a rivet nut. The benefits are clear: As well as the increased security of the connection due to the significant higher load capacity, the welded nut no longer goes over the steam distributors nominal size.

One more important detail: The design of the hole for the steam escape holes has been changed. The holes have been more densely packed, to stop the steam condensing on the channel wall.

operational rest


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