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We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.
We humidify the air
for stable processes in the industry.

Air humidification in automotive and aerospace industries.

The automotive and aerospace industries are subject to a constant need for optimisation and have to ensure that they use the most efficient methods and eco-friendly products. Stable climate control and adjustable air humidity play a key role in these processes.

Here is an overview of the advantages of air humidification in the automotive and aerospace industries:

  • Vehicle paintwork using water-based coloured lacquer requires precise, reliable temperature regulation and humidity conditions in the paint shop.
  • The use of new materials such as carbon fibre requires stable and accurate air humidity control.
  • Ensures the necessary environmental conditions to test the durability of mechanical and electronic components under extreme conditions.
  • The risk of disruption to production processes and equipment because of electrostatic discharge is avoided with a relative humidity of at least 40%.

  • A comfortable climate of 40-60% relative humidity increases productivity and also helps reducing employees’ health-related absences.
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